Are you looking for rehabs in New Hampshire? You’ve come to the right place because The Riverbank House has one of the best and most professional rehab clinics in the area. We focus on long-term rehabilitation for addicts, which has become a necessity with the scientific community’s newest findings. Successful recovery requires a longer time to succeed.

Why is rehab essential to recovery?

For alcohol or drug abuse, there is only one solution that can help an addict get better – professional help in the form of rehab. The lack of a home-cure turns rehab into the single most efficient method of dealing with addiction. In a professional clinic, you will receive integrated, multi-faceted treatment for both your dependency and addiction.

Check our online platform, and see what we can offer you at the best prices possible. We understand how tough it is to make such a decision, especially if this is your first time. But we pride ourselves on being welcoming and hospitable with our patients. Therefore, our staff will strive to make your stay here a comfortable and relaxed one.

Difference between dependence and addiction

Being dependent on methamphetamine, for instance, means your body keeps demanding the drug because of long-term use. Your body associates the drug with pleasure and happiness, and refusal to consume it results in intense withdrawal symptoms. This requires a comprehensive detox process which cleanses your body of any residual drugs. It also severs the connection between drug intake and the feeling of pleasure.

However, this doesn’t alleviate your addiction to methamphetamine. Addiction primarily acts on your brain, reshaping certain attitudes, creating drug cravings, and compulsive drug use behaviors. None of these get eliminated through detox, and certain environmental triggers can lead to relapsing. These neurobiological issues of addiction last much longer than the symptoms of drug dependence which disappear through detox.

An excellent treatment plan for addiction

At the rehabs in New Hampshire, we treat alcohol or opioid dependence in a couple of weeks of detox. Using short-term or acute care procedures, we implement state-of-the-art technology and effective medication to get rid of the dependence. In a short time, you’ll no longer fear the withdrawal symptoms or physical pains.

Regarding addiction, most experts in the field have unanimously agreed that it takes at least 90 days of treatment care to weaken. The psychological abnormalities require long-term care to recover, and the addict needs to overcome external factors which might lead to relapsing.

An innovative approach to rehab

In treating opioid or alcohol addiction, we loathe the use of single-focused treatments for all patients. This “one size fits all” approach is incompatible with each particular case of addiction and its severity. Therefore, the rehabs in New Hampshire use the Many-Pathways-to-Recovery approach to create an expansive and comprehensive treatment program.

At The Riverbank House, we have three potential starting points, which we continue through relevant treatment plans. Therefore, we have – Body and Brain Health, Medication-Assisted Therapy, and Behavioral Health packages. All of these three treatment modules target specific patient needs, allowing us to provide personalized support.

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