Unlocking The Door To Longevity With Telomerase Supplement

One thing you should know is that you are just as old as you think, or simply put, age is nothing but a number. With the help of advancements in medicine, medical scientists have learned how to slow down the speed of aging with natural remedies to make you look and feel young for an extended period. One of the best ways they have uncovered is manipulating some parts of the chromosomes in charge of aging. These chromosomes have a potential link to cardiovascular disease, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s diseases, diabetes and some cancers. This is where telomerase supplements come in.

What Is The Feature Of Telomerase

Telomerase is a part of the DNA at the end of your chromosomes. Researchers often compare them to that little plastic tip of a shoelace which hold the laces firmly. The telomere functions as a bond that prevents the chromosomes from tangling or fraying with one another. This is important because if that happens, it can lead to permanent damage or a mix up with genetic information causing some malfunction or even reducing the lifespan of a person.

Relationship Between Telomerase Supplement And Aging

Among the biggest research on telomerase supplement is the relative effect it has on a person’s lifestyle or health. It has been discovered that a shorter telomerase is associated with mortality risk.

A telomerase supplement acts as an enzyme that increases the length of telomerase keeping them from dying off quickly. But with the continuous division of cells, the level of telomerase are depleted causing the telomerase to reduce in length. This simply means that if scientists can boost the production of telomerase, it will last longer and increase the lifespan of the individual and even minimize the rate of some serious diseases.

How To Boost Telomerase to Reduce Aging

Although the assurance of increasing lifespan with telomerase supplement is not 100% certain in the science world, there are many other changes you can adapt to for increasing your telomeres.

Yoga And Meditation

In research to study cancer among the survivors of the disease, the patients who engaged with meditating mindfully and practicing yoga were seen to have kept the rate of telomeres almost at the same rate as it was before the period. Those without any physical engagement and activities had their telomeres shortened within a time frame.

Eat More Antioxidant Or Vitamins

Eating food rich in vitamin will help protect the cells and the telomerase from damages relating to oxidation. Things like artichokes, berries, and other related classes of foods can slow down the pace of aging and also help to reduce or prevent cell damage.

Reduce And Control Stress

Many studies have shown that chronic pain or stress can lead to a shortened length of telomeres. A study examining a group of African-American men found out that those who go through stress or stay in a stressful environment have shorter telomerase than others with a more stable lifestyle.

Chronic stress is not just known for putting an individual in bad shape, but it also adds to the speed of aging. Regularly exercising and adequate resting can help you to reduce your stress levels. With the help of a telomerase supplement, you can reduce the speed of aging.